in case you missed it, I'm Kimmy Kirkwood. I was born and raised in Seattle (go Hawks!)  Nowadays I bounce around a lot, and it seems every time I write a specific location I seem to find myself somewhere else. Currently, I can be found moving between Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Seattle, Chicago and London.

In 2006 I graduated high school, packed up my bags and moved to Orange County, California to attend Chapman University. It was there that I found my two passions in life; typography and exploring the world. Up until I left for college, I had never left North America (or done much traveling inside it) and had no idea the career direction my life would take.

My Junior year I studied in Florence and it changed my life. I fell in love with the history, architecture and outstanding natural beauty of Europe and the rest of the world.

That same year I took my first typography class, introducing me to the world of not just using fonts, but creating them. We had one project in which we were to design a typeface inspired by an object. It was a silly project (who ever needs a great hammer font, let me know!) but I instantly fell in love. I had always loved letters, in fact you couldn't go a page in my notes without finding some sort of sketched word, name or letter. I then asked my design program if I could create an independent study class (for credit, of course) where I could design a real typeface, learn the basics of the font generating program (FontLab Studio) and complete a working font. It was the best class I took during college, and started my hobby of making fonts.

When I entered the post-college world, I worked in Los Angeles for a print/AV vendor in the film industry. It was a fun world to be a part of, especially because you couldn't go 10 feet in LA without someone mentioning 'the industry.' It was here that I learned the infinite inner workings of Photoshop and how you can really create just about anything you can imagine (except, of course, working fonts.)

After a rather traumatic incident in 2012, I began seeing my life differently, particularly what I wanted out of it. This thinking got me back into designing typefaces again, and found my happiness lay in a more independent lifestyle from the mass working world. I ended up spending every waking moment I wasn't at work making fonts. In the early hours before work, then late into the night when I got home, and practically all weekend, I would tinker away at the first few fonts that really started my type design career. 

By February 2014 I was ready to leave my steady job and go out on my own into the world of type. And now here I am, still floating and loving every minute of it!